Rebootwalk is a Medical science Research and Development based company for developing quality affordable prosthetic limbs with the focus on high functionality and customization. “Future is Long way”. – human beings ” are the main element of prosthetics and orthoses. If people do not feel safe and comfortable when they are using prosthetics and orthoses, it cannot be called a good physical aid. (even if the design is more exquisite or the product is high-end and imported from overseas ) Rebootwalk are working together to use the latest technology to Increase product functionality and make products easy to use. In addition, by melding awesome design elements to make prosthetics and orthoses more stylish and well-liked, people who need prosthetics will become more attached to and more willing to use them. At the same time, through prosthetists conducting an evaluation, consulting, rehabilitation and other services, we are helping people make full use of their prosthetics or other functional aids to make their lives more convenient, not only so that disabled people can recover their mobility but also so they regain their self-confidence and worth and open a brighter future. This is the real meaning of”Future is Long way”. Design, production and professional training service of assistive devices require continuous effort and hard work, but Rebootwalk have the ideas, professionalism and passion. That is the greatest motivation for us to continue our work when we receive praise and thanks. We look forward to creating a harmonious, vital and beautiful society with disable people.

Future Products

We are working on the new products which will arrive in coming years.